Wednesday, 15 August 2007


HI PEOPLE weds 15/8/07

I heard the Gabby Cabbie on Dottin's Up All Night BBC radio 5 live Show this past weekend. he seemed amazed that the USA Government bailed out the Stock Exchange by 34 Billion daollars or didn't I hear him correctly??? All over these defaulted mortgage payments that sent the Stock Exchange into free fall.

You will not hear of these Whizz kids having to give back the huge bonuses that they earned last xmas will you? Oh no!

So I wish to run this by you all. Wouldn't it have been great to hear that the USA Government had paid off the outstanding debt of these home owners, and killing two birds with one stone. o.e. these people would not be having their properties repossed, and that in doing so the USA government would have stabalised the Stock Exchange.

The only thing that gonna happen nowis that all those mortgage defaulters are going to have to move into private rented accomodation, probably owned by these financial institutions who gave them the mortgages but not the risk apparently. Plus those self same people who fucked up given high risk loans are going to be owning those properties again to sell to some other sucker, at inflated interest rates, and reaping all the profits.

It sure is one fucked up system your governments run isn't it. Yep these bastards took the risk but they sure as shit didn't take the consequenses and come out smiling its only the vulnerable who are gonna pay by losing their homes.

I sometimes wonder if in a country where you have the right to arm yourselves how it is that you never converge enmass on the White House about the doings of your government, over issues such as this. Hey had you better watch out Crazydave they might want to extradite you for some shit or other.

Do you think the National Gaurd would try n stop you? or the Troops coming back from Iraq? or the cops for that matter, don't you think that they have family member's who have been screwed by these mortgage provider's or family members now being forced out of their homes. If they are anything like the Troops in the UK, Their wives and children havent been adiquately housed in years.

Yep your government much like my own have missed another opportunity to help the have nots in your society, and done their level best to protect the Elite.

Maybe you will all get to hear about this blog where my others have failed, but you can check them out oh of which this will become a part.

Love n Light people from Crazydave

please forward this to your president because I will forward it to the usual suspects of mine.

(image of banner vulnerable adults just cash cows for the professional elite to be uploaded soon)

UPDATE 4/9/07

WELL WELL WELL!!! I heard over the weekend that President Bush is actually gonna help with the mortgage payments of the sub-prime scam mortgages for people, I wonder if Georgey boy is reading yer blogs Crazydave??? Yeah wouldn't that be neat! Wot the fuck you say George! Yer a fucking great Guy Crazydave, now how about we go blow the fuck outta something huh! No George lets take it easy now you know Love n Light and an end to poverty for ever.

how's that??? well see my video on the Military Industrial Complex for one thing. (shortly to be posted when I get me out of Cardiff County Councils Libraries that do not allow for putting vids up on youtube for crying out loud. Same Libraries that do not allow users to access an MP3 player even if it has educational material cos they have fears about the boogie man being naughty on the net)